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BrandStar Entertainment Goes Red During Heartwarming Episode of The Balancing Act

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Q: What housekeeping services are provided by Merry Maids? BrandStar Entertainment: Merry Maids, a professional cleaning service based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is an impressive advocate for women’s health on both the local and national levels. Franchise owner Amy Bates made a quick stop in the studio to explain how heart health is a cause that [...]

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Videos of BrandStar Entertainment

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Brand Star Entertainment, A Healthy Lunch Is In The Bag Brand Star Entertainment’s The Balancing Act TV Show about Lunch – which is the most “dangerous” meal of the day nutritionally. Learn how to make brown bagging fun, healthy, and fashionable in this segment.   Brand Star Entertainment, Affordable Jewelry For Expensive Tastes Brand Star [...]

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BrandStar Entertainment Latest News

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Press / Media Mentions of BrandStar Entertainment Brandstar Entertainment review, DRMarketing and O2 media, O2 Media Florida, Brandstar Entertainment LLC The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television Features Career Opportunities for Today’s Tight Economy and Contradicts the False Allegations of a Brandstar Entertainment Scam   BrandStar Entertainment Announces BERNINA of America to Appear on "The Balancing [...]

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BrandStar Entertainment’s The Balancing Act with Mark Salling

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As an innovator in the industry, Brandstar Entertainment has made a name for itself with its popular Lifetime Network show, The Balancing Act. BrandStar Entertainment is pleased to produce the show, which features segments on topics pointed towards women about lifestyle, careers, and family – everything a woman has to balance in her day-to-day life. Brandstar Entertainment’s The Balancing Act is more than just the morning news though. It offers consumers about valuable products and ideas – and helps companies create a positive image of their product to the consumers who buy it. With most consumers now relying on DVR and OnDemand television, it is harder for companies to get the “face time” needed to spotlight their product. Content driven television, like Brandstar Entertainment’s original series, The Balancing Act, can do just that while offering the consumer a visual link to the marketed business and fun and creative ideas that keep them tuned in.

The following segment originally aired on the November 3rd, 2011 show on BrandStar Entertainment’s morning TV show, The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television. The featured guest was actor, Mark Salling from the TV show GLEE.

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime: Students are back to school. They’re reading, writing and according to statistics from the US Department of Agriculture– more than 17-million of them are hungry. Mark Salling who plays a student on the popular TV show GLEE, joins Brandstar Entertainment’s The Balancing Act on Lifetime to help raise awareness about the serious issue of childhood hunger.

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime: I’m sure to most of us, hearing the statistic 17-million is startling. How did you become involved in the fight against childhood hunger?

>> Mark: It’s an issue that I wasn’t aware of. We think of it as something foreign, but it’s right here in the U.S. and my home state of Texas in the number 2 state affected by child hunger, so I felt a personal connection there. When I found out how easy it is for people to help out with this problem—I was more than happy to spread the word.

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime: I know child hunger impacts many aspects of a kid’s school life, including class performance.

Mark: It’s not just school life. It can also affect extracurricular activities—everything from sports to music or whatever they might be doing outside of school, not to mention school itself. Every child deserves a healthy foundation to pursue education of the arts and I’m just happy to be a part of it.

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime: Could you tell our viewers what resources are available to students and their families who may be struggling with getting enough to eat.

Mark: This campaign in particular has made it so easy for people to help out, Conagra Foods Child Hunger Ends Here. Just save the UPC codes from any Conagra Foods product. You might already have some of them at home! Anything from Chef Boyardee, Huntz, Marie Callender’s, or even Healthy Choice. You just save the UPC code from any one of them and it will be one meal for a child. You can go to and find out ways to register your school to accept the UPC codes, maybe even organize food drives.

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime: One of the things that I think is important is for young people—students—actually become involved in their communities with regards to this campaign. How can students get more involved?

Mark: They can organize a food drive at their school, organize UPC code drives—basically bring awareness to child hunger and that’s it’s such a big problem. Nearly one in four children in the U.S. are going to face child hunger and it’s such an easy thing to treat.

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime: I think this is a great project to become involved with Mark. Where can we go for more information?

Mark: Just go to and find out ways to organize.

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime: And for all our viewers of BrandStar Entertainment’s The Balancing Act on Lifetime– that are also GLEE fans, what can we expect from this season of GLEE?

Mark: It’s our third season and a lot of us are seniors. They have some new writers coming in to spice things up a bit. There are also some new characters for viewers to fall in love with. It’s going to be the biggest, most colorful season so far.

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime: You’re an amazing talent ON camera and do such good in the community OFF camera, that’s why people love and can relate to you. Thank you for being with us today.

The award-winning television production team at BrandStar Entertainment is one of the industry’s leaders. BrandStar Entertainment features a full array of creative services that include distribution, sound stages and production/post production facilities. BrandStar Entertainment is known for producing content driven shows like The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television, the only morning show in America produced by women specifically for women. BrandStar proudly carries a WomenCertified® Seal, demonstrating leadership in women friendly programming. BrandStar Entertainment’s The Balancing Act airs daily on Lifetime at 7 a.m. ET/PT. For more information, visit BrandStar Entertainment’s website for The Balancing Act at

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BrandStar Entertainment on Leading Social Networking Sites

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Connect with BrandStar Entertainment on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Pinterest Connect with BrandStar Entertainment on Facebook Join our fan page on the world’s largest, fastest growing social network, and interact with other like minded folks. Plus, get updates, fresh content and other good stuff. Follow BrandStar Entertainment on Twitter Subscribe to our article feed [...]

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